Who are we?

Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE), created in 1992, gathers around 60 French and international large companies from all sectors of the economy, who work together to better integrate environment into both their strategies and their day-to-day management.

All members share the vision of environment as a source of opportunities and progress, with a broad understanding of ‘environment’ covering: raw materials, energy & climate change, water, biodiversity, pollution, waste, health issues, etc. EpE strongly believes that, just as actors cannot develop sustainably within a degraded environment, caring for the environment is a source of long-term value for businesses.

EpE provides its members with a forum for best-practice-sharing and debates within the business world itself, as well as with various stakeholders such as NGOs, policy-makers or academics.

EpE is committed to improve its members’ practices and stimulate innovation and commitment to environment, improve the business world’s credibility on environment by publicising its pioneering achievements, and to plan ahead and analyse sustainability issues as an internationally recognised think-tank and platform for expertise.