Climate Change Commission

Chair: Patrice Henry Duchêne (PSA Peugeot Citroën)

This committee works on the routes and resources for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, through its member companies’ strategies. It has also set up several working groups:

  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY Working Group
    The Circular Economy working group looks into the transition from a linear production and consumption system (extraction, processing, consumption, waste) to a system inspired by natural ecosystems that limits the impact on the environment, including resources, at each stage of the product or service lifecycle.
    The topics dealt with include: industrial ecology, resource depletion, green design, waste cycle, functional service economy, local collaboration.
    Using its members’ experience and practices as a basis, this group has planned its 2013–2014 work programme around three study areas: vehicles, use of vehicles and urban development.
    This working group is currently closed, and has released a publication in November 2014 named “Companies’ strategies for climate: Mobility”. This publication is intended to be a guide on decarbonated mobility for companies and individuals.