EpE is a partner of the seventh edition of the New-York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference at Le Pré Catelan in Paris, from November 3-4, 2016. With world-class journalism delivered in real time to address the most pressing issues, ‘Energy for Tomorrow’ is perfectly timed as the pivotal event in the run-up to COP 22 providing unparalleled opportunities to connect with more than 300 of the most influential and innovative thinkers today.

Hosted and moderated by New York Times journalists, the conference will provide the insight and analysis you need with in-depth interviews and debates among over 40 top industry leaders, entrepreneurs, financiers, policy makers and leading academics. In an environment that’s ideal for collaborative conversations, we’ll discuss policies, innovations and investments and uncover actionable opportunities for business to prosper, as it supports the world’s transition to a decarbonised global economy, access to affordable energy for all and a future of climate-resilience.