Health & Environment Commission

Chair: Jean-Christophe Bligny (Sanofi)

The general objectives of this commission are as follows:

  • To clarify health-related aspects of sustainable development;
  • To raise awareness and motivate businesses regarding their responsibilities around health and help them organise watch and prevention;
  • To contribute to the dialogue with public authorities, communities close to facilities and product end-users.

The commission has been working since 2013 on the overall subject of acceptability of technologies and projects, and on the dialogue with stakeholders. Its work provided material for the Environment and Industry symposium of 15 October 2013 and in 2015 it hopes to publish a work on the business/society dialogue.
The commission has also set up another working group:


Using the members’ practices as a starting point, this group works on methods for calculating the amount of water the companies use and/or dispose of. Members swap notes on their water resource management practices: reducing consumption, water stress management plan, etc.
Issues relating to water quality are also tackled, in terms of the companies’ procedures to improve testing and processing of their wastewater before it is disposed of in the environment.

The commission’s work culminated in the publication “Measuring and managing water” in April 2015.