Companies and Biodiversity – Managing impacts on the value chain,
a guide for companies to manage their indirect impacts on biodiversity

Figures about the loss of biodiversity are alarming, the turn-around has not happened yet. Human activities are the main cause of the erosion, making it urgent to act at large scale to reduce anthropic impacts. Beyond impacts of a production site, all impacts along the value chain of any company must be considered, from the sourcing of raw materials to end-of-life of the products including transport and use of goods and services.

“This calls for a change in attitude towards biodiversity that EpE members, major corporations in very diverse sectors, have already initiated: the aim is to be vigilant and reduce these indirect impacts, which are massive because of our size, even if they are remote and diffuse. Our experiences, recorded in this brochure, show that the gradual destruction of the living world’s balances is not inevitable, even if the huge shift demanded requires significant resources. Reacting also means providing our employees, partners, suppliers and without any doubt our customers with a motivating and even fulfilling pathway.” Jean-Dominique Senard, Chairman of EpE, President of the Michelin group

This publication is the result of three years of discussion between EpE members, scientific experts and representatives of environmental organizations. It gives an overview of the operational steps towards sustainability and the management of companies’ indirect impacts on biodiversity through the value chain. The brochure draws on some 30 concrete examples to demonstrate the benefits of this broader approach.