Biodiversity Commission

Chair: Olivier Guichardon (Sequana)

  • Many consider the increasing rate of biodiversity loss to be the world’s second most important environmental issue after climate change.
  • In the light of this, EpE’s members wanted to gain a better understanding of the link between the economy and biodiversity and to get a clearer picture of how to reduce their own impacts on biodiversity and even contribute to it. Between 2010 and 2013, the Biodiversity Committee worked on the methods, tools, indicators and partnerships that will help businesses improve their actions to protect biodiversity. This round of work culminated in the publication of Measuring and Managing Biodiversity in December 2013 (translated in English in October 2014).
  • Building on its work on biodiversity measurement and reporting indicators, the committee has expanded its area of work and has begun a programme (2014–2017) on the indirect impacts businesses have on biodiversity and ecosystems.

It also distributes the biodiversity training tool Business and Biodiversity ‘ for businesses, translated and adapted from the WBCSD training tool ‘Business Ecosystem Training’.